Welcome to Women in Music, a blog that explores sexism in the music industry.

My name is Jordan Walker. I’m a 20 year old student from Rotherham, South Yorkshire, currently studying for a BA (Hons) degree in English at Liverpool John Moores University.

Music is something that I am very passionate about, yet, I don’t feel that people’s interactions with music should end at the same moment that the song does. The music industry is a very complex organism, and understanding and questioning its workings can be very intriguing.

I have played in various (bad) bands from a young age and throughout the majority of my teenage years. It has always struck me that through the hundreds of bands I’ve played alongside, only a handful of them have had female members. Even then, they were always on the receiving end of vulgar sexual comments from a dodgy mate or remarks such as ‘she’s decent at guitar for a bird!‘.

It became evident to me that this is not only a problem at grass-roots level, but also one that is rampant in the billion pound patriarchy that is music production. This filters into everyday life as well, given that we all enjoy some form of music, these views are allowed to creep into our own perceptions – perhaps without us even realising. Any YouTube video’s comments section, any local show, any music video – you name it – will demonstrate in some form society’s inability to accept females performing music without the byproducts being shock, objectification, lust, or misogyny.

Hopefully, this blog will be of some relative enjoyment to you, but also that it may open one or two minds to the strangely-accepted attitudes towards women in music today.